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Culture is considered to be the collective manifestations of a community's art and intellect. But in midst of time, VizianaGaram, one of the historical and empire city of Southern India, has somehow forgotten it's roots. In an attempt to bring back the cultural roots of VizianaGaram,  Spice FM, one of the first local online radio will bridge this gap towards these old cultural memories.

Spice FM is one of a kind online Radio providing unique content around VizianaGaram's rich archetypes and culture. Spice FM brings a medium not only to disseminate news or local culture but also the local talent present in the small but a highly aesthetic city of VizianaGaram.

VizianaGaram, an empire city which is famous for it's rich culture and historical places. In the age of technology, our world has been captured in the virtual world which has lost it's sheen and luster. This split lives that we live in where our culture is getting suppressed; Spice FM will be a fresh breeze to refresh your senses and will surely provide resurgence of VizianaGaram's cultural roots.

In order to evade through this dark times, Spice FM is a ray of hope for the masses of VizianaGaram.