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Online Radio the name may be simple, but have much better advantages than traditional radio. Let's have a look how online radio have the upper hand over traditional one and what are the major differences between them.

Traditional FM is confined and is limited to a certain geographic area say like Hyderabad FM is only available in Hyderabad. Which is fairly opposite in the case of online radio as users can stream and listen to their favorite Music and shows from anywhere in the world.

However traditional FM also has some unique and most beneficial features like providing local content, Local news and promoting local talent that gives insight into everything from sport, news, weather to local politics. Which is not at all available in online radio as they only concentrate on international and national aspects that is not at all interested to many people.

By having a look at this we may also think that our Spice FM also comes into the same category of online radio, but it provides the benefit of online radio without leaving the benefits of traditional radio as well, as our's is the 1st Ever Localised Online Radio in INDIA. That means we can get all the Important local stuff that is very important to each and everyone through the website or Official App. Which is an added advantage to us.