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Art and literature of every city comes from his historical and its cultural connotations. That's the real essence of a city's holistic life. Surpassing all the conventional musical genres, Telugu music and movies has made its space and charm in the country, so diversified.  Connecting the global audience to its cultural antiquity, Vizianagaram is one of the citadel city in Andhra Pradesh. The city was one of the premier presidencies of the British era reaching out to various rivers and various cities across Andhra Pradesh. Vizianagaram is considered to be of the cornerstones in the indigenous literature of the country. 

Residing in the Dravidian peninsula, Vizianagaram has its own charm among the other cities across the southern India. Considered to be one of the precious jewels of the country, the city embarks universal image depicting Southern India's rich culture. Famous for the valour and chivalry of the long forgotten soldiers, Spice FM is bringing the most revered part of its affluent culture through the music of the city.  

The Tollywood has envisioned itself as one of the most promising entertainment industry. Creating an example all over, Bollywood has turned no stone to compete with the outstanding mastery of the Tollywood. Tracing its inception back in early 90s, this part of Indian cinema though has been left out in the mainstream media but still has a lot to portray to the world.

Spice FM through its various cultural programmes connecting the masses will entail the left out historical importance of Vizianagaram.